Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Battle of direction.

        For years we have been thinking, complaining, ranting and many expressions of being in despair. Out of all, kids have grown to be teenagers now, old continue to be older but most importantly poor is still poor and rich is getting emptier in days to come. What I am trying to voice out here is been an everyday affair for all Nepalis. A day would not go where we express our hope towards the institution and every time we hope and express, it is found to be dismissed stating a no concern. 

All we who been through the 01/06, we know that was when the fate for this nation was changed. Then arrived the biggest revolution where militants voted by the people to run a nation, even they failed to deliver not by challenge purely by their own lack of interests and choices. After these many years, lot has happened to our system. It’s getting weaker every hour and has lost sense of direction.

Today I know for the fact, people have lost their interest in politics or who comes in power or goes as it is just a painful cycle. A common man who works day in and out to fetch his daily living is in verge of collapsing. In my recent trip to Kathmandu, when I have visited my relatives, the only subject that they would talk about is getting their kids sent abroad, initial reasoning will be for education but on long term they expect them to settle there, get a Permanent residency so that bears could also go tomorrow. Out of 11 cousins in my family, all have paved their way to North America, Canada, England and two of them in Sweden. And I won’t blame my uncles and aunt for their choices clearly its not what they want but with the growing uncertainty that looks the only way out, though I feel it isn't the only way out.

Whenever I feel home sick, I browse through internet sites, social media to catch up with latest happenings and trust me every time what I see and read, all that comes to me is a disappointment. On the other hand, I was evaluating recent uprising in Egypt and Turkey. They have voiced their anger to the core of Institution and they aren’t seem to be compromising fate of their own identity. All the revolution in Nepal in last few decades been a politically motivated where gainers were Political parties and common man were losers.

Where we now and where are are we heading? what is next for deposed king, ailing president, pissed ex prime minister, confused chief justice, falling economy, uncertain governance, you, me and us, all I ask is what's next?

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