Sunday, 21 July 2013

Review: D Day

Honestly! I would not have watched this film given the cliché topic of chasing India’s most wanted but it was the song sequence “Mastakalandar” which I happen to bump into youtube and made me think, this may not be the usual half baked action flick and I was right!

When we get to watch best of thriller and action movies made in Hollywood, the poor act of refinement in Bollywood always put me off. Hang in there! Nikhil Advani has put in lot of hard work getting the right context, production and well researched story. I loved each of detailing that was done to give one level up treatment to the story. Most importantly the characters are well crafted, instructed and positioned.

Advani comes across as far matured and talented director in compare to his previous work, Kal Ho Na ho, Salaam e ishq, Patiala house, Chandni Chowk to China.  Starring Arjun Rampal, Irfan Khan, Huma Qureshi, Shruti Hassan and legendary Rishi Kapoor, all of them have done a brilliant job.  Story based out of  Karachi locations - the red light district of Napier Road, the bustling crowded Empress Market to  Qasim Port and most of the Karachi shots were taken in Ahmedabad. While watching I was amazed with the detailing in production, but spoiler came as in one of the shot we see Blue line Indian railways pass through, which could have been avoided.

Movie is factual and nothing is sugar coated or exaggerated. I really liked the way both the nation’s intelligence agencies are shown. The matter of fact is movie doesn't go against Pakistan, the tension between diplomacy is shown tactfully and very impactful way. Movie is a complete socio political satire, from prime minister saying madam to disowning of agents, it brings across a bitter truth of our system. it is so real that you must not miss the last dialogue by Rishi Kapoor!

Cinematography, action sequence is stunning but the cherry on top is the editing. Nothing looks disconnected and all the sequences are well tailored giving a visual treat. I have to mention about the shot where Arjun is hypothetically witnessing Shruti’s death, what a brilliant piece  of art is it.

D Day is entertaining and exciting, a complete worthy weekend maker! For all the ecstatic performance and keeping me intact even at the late hour show, i will go with 4****, a must watch! Go and witness the new age Indian cinema!’s raining good movies this monsoon. 

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