Sunday, 7 October 2012

Eng Ving Sundaying

Saturday evening was when I was planning to go and watch, there is this new movie which is been all over the place.Actually, it wasn't the buzz that invited me over the theater in fact I had been literally waiting for this flick to release since I saw the Trailer. Sridevi is that one actress whom I did not dislike but wasn’t that great fan of her either, until I realized that I haven’t even watched her good movies, so it was early 2000 when I started watching her movies in Zee Cinema, and encountered the real Sridevi, isnt that funny? I know don’t get surprised.

I got up at 9:30 am on Sunday and I was already running late as I wanted to go for 10:30 am show in nearby theater  which for god sake is really expensive on the weekdays and normal show hours, so with festivals round the corner I was keeping a strict check on my pocket and decided to go for early morning show. I was rushing as if i was getting late for work, hehe the fun part is you have more anxiety when you are rushing to the theatre then to work and that’s exactly what happened, first show in the Sunday morning and its Houseful, fucking kidding me! Seems the whole of downtown was there to see the diva, I grinned with failure. Now what! do i act like a loser and go back, when you have already blabbered in your Facebook wall about going to movie and people have even liked it! I gathered the courage and motivation so I asked for next show at 12:30, so 12:30 it is! All alone.

I had exactly 2 hours to kill, so do I kill or what do I do? I passed by the glass doors of designer stores and I see myself in a mess, more than me it was my hair, which was calling for 911! so without much of plan, I went to the salon which is in the same premises. I say loudly, Fuck! This isn't happening, its closed! I am angry, yes! I am. You know after all the hectic week, you really want weekend to be the way you planned. So what’s next, food and me we are best friends, while I am listening to Shakira's whenever wherever, it was kind of situation as the coffee shop nearby was calling me for freshly brewed Americano and butter croissant, I am so going for an indulgence. Done the order, coffee on my table and the Croissant, yum! so while I listen to some more numbers, I enjoy the croissant! It did not took me that long to finish, I realized I was hungry.

I quickly checked on the salon and yay! they were open, so I manage to go, get my regular stylist though every time I go, he tries up selling his hair care and today, I told him there are enough telemarketers who bug, you don't start, he smiled at me. There was me with my new much neater look, I haven’t posted my new hairdo on Facebook, aren't you surprised?With all and busy morning, its 12 now and I rush to the theater  Its more crowded and people in the box office queue and more anxious then the earlier lot. So proudly, with my sunglasses on I enter the theater  frisking and checking done. Popcorns and nachos, ooh la la!! but I was kinda full so I stop myself. It was almost time for the show so i am early bird inside the Audi. Same regular music and advertisements, I yawn and you won’t believe I was feeling sleepy, in few minutes its again houseful but who cares, I was relaxing on my own seat. While we all stood up as national anthem started playing, Gujartis brothers right next to me were munching nachos, loudly as if they were  the Latin version of Khakras!! While National Anthem was playing, here it starts.

Do I like sridevi now? yes and why is that?, because she is old and she still looks young. What a dumb head first reaction is that. I rephrase my thought, I like her because she is good actor and she is beautiful and she is one and only Sridevi. From the beginning till the end, nothing came to my mind than apart from Sridevi and when Shashi gave her speech at her niece wedding, I was emotional. So simply, she had conveyed those small little values in our life, which have diminished and erased in sue course of time. I am not writing anything about the movie, you should go and watch, trust me nobody could have done it better than Sridevi.

Time to sleep.


Sai bless us all.

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