Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Mumbai Diary - Witnessing India in Dadar

Dadar Station is not just a railway station it’s a spot where you will witness entire India. At a given moment of office hour rush, this place is no less than a Kumbh Mela. People from all states, north to south, murmuring in their own dialects, chewing gutkha to a flavoured gum, carrying a nylon bag to a high street wear, wearing Allan Solly to Rupa, Dadar has room for all.

 What amazes me is energy people carry. Travelling two hours one way for everyday job, I guess only a Mumbaikar could do. Is it the choice? Well doesn't seem to be like but one has to keep up the pace. There is a saying if one has to survive in Mumbai, then you got to run and keep running the never ending chase of life. That's how this historic place has made a mark in human evolution. Once you step into this city and you are able to board trains from Dadar station, specifically the Virar fast, then you have done it.

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