Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: Lootera

Yes!! it is a lootera, a complete robber that steals every bit of you and yet leaves you with more.  It loots you with mesmerizing storytelling brought alive by brilliant actors, superb locations, one of Bollywood's best musical composition, heart warming songs, excellent editing and Technicolor. I tell you people, this movie is epic in itself.

After Udaan, Vikramaditya’s attempt to create American writer O’Henry short story “The Last Leaf” comes with great talent where technical aspects of getting the right story, right caste, right production, everything is taken care so well, what leaves at the end is a beautiful prismatic story, which stands out in the herd of hundreds of love stories been made till date.

Set in the 1950 Era, Zamindar’s daughter and a guy who fall in love from the moment they see each other. Their best friends and the slowly growing love is depicted so well that viewer is easily drawn and bound to fall in love as story is narrated. Unlike most of cinema, Motwane has done something different, he has tried to keep it simple and has treated story at its best. Sequence to dialogues, music, it is a masterpiece.
Few more things, where I should pen down will be costume designer Subarna Ray Chaudhuri’s hard work of getting perfect getup of Pakhi as a daughter of Bengali zamindar and Varun as young man whose vougue seem to have inspired from Dev Anand. TV actor, Vikrant Massey debut performance is  pretty well. Barun Chanda as Pakhi’s father has done it brilliantly.

Story initially written by Motwane in 2011, and well after two years it has come a long way and how it has come up! I am Impressed and proud for the fact that we have one more director to count upon. Lot of grandeur that you witness will remind you of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, to whisper Vikarmaditya did work with Bhansali on his few projects and that comes across.

Amit Trivedi’s music and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s songs have crowned this amazing piece of work beautifully.  By far one of the best love story witnessed, greatest songs heard and masterpiece in storytelling. Just go for it!! Watch it at least once as I am planning to go again, with 4****, I highly recommended this monsoon! Fall in love and get looted by Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera.

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