Monday, 8 July 2013

My Mumbai Diary - Divide-Undivide Class

  Mumbai lives on high spirit, here everyone  runs and  are always running. Like I mentioned before, you have to keep up your pace with city to survive through. If your meter is down and you miss your train, then sorry Mumbai will show you its doors.  Vivid class of people, from fish hawking Kohli womens, to SBI employee or an aspiring model, actor, students from all sorts of life, millionaire to penniless all are cramped inside the old primitive local train boogies.

In one of my journey, I observed the demarcation drawn between the first and second class coaches. First class within itself has variety of people, from security guards of Jewellery shop , government banker, student and mnc employee, all adjust dressed well, playing with there apple iPhone, blackberry, tablets blah blah. Second class, is coach for mass, most of them look crushed like stuffed achar, adjusted to every free space. Women, children's,men, boys, second class is always crowded. They look at each-other and still not care about. 

As train halts, moves, people come in and go, it is just a viscous cycle. Late evenings as rush subsides, when both the compartments look relatively empty, people sitting both the sides, look at each other. Some amount of superiority, some amount of denial. A second class passenger thinking, what is so great about first-class, its just a thick cushioned seats and its less crowded. They don’t really feel guilt about it and as a matter of fact passengers in first-class don’t care but when a shabby looking passenger boards first class, they will surely ask do you have first class pass? many times they board by mistake. Mumbai is only about you, your life, your thought, your career! Rest all becomes secondary. Mumbai teaches you to stand on your own feet because it doesn't let you think anything else, and you have no time. It is the worlds biggest reality show where nothing is scripted.

I have understood Mumbai more whenever I have travelled. There is so much to observe, so many stories to discover. Mumbai is home to a roofless man to man full of roofs, end of the day its your handwork and karma. You work hard and get into first-class. Mumbai is all about choice, good, bad its upto you. You want to bridge your past and step onto your dream, well roll up your sleeves and get going, nobody can divide you. 

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