Monday, 30 December 2013

Confessions of 2013

Giving a quick round up for 2013 is not been easy as I had imagined, Gosh! 2013 has been a total roller coaster. This year tested heights in me, took me to my lowest point ever and changed me in every possible way. It shook me up and made me witness some bitter truths about life. These truths caused a lot of pain but in the process it allowed me to discover the true person in me. I have never thought through in my life but this year compelled me not only think but also to take tough turns and deep jumps overcoming my own inhibitions and fear. Thank you god!

Today when I look back rewinding, hardest part for me was that I had to let go some favorite people in my life. Essentially time changes us and with that different dynamics of our relationship is witnessed. It is up to us on how we handle it. It’s a sad feeling but that’s how things are, all we can do is to accept it and move on.

2013 also made me see, realize, accept my own mistakes! I am happy that my ability to contemplate and introspect has improved and this will only make me a better person. For many years, I have been a cry baby and people have hated me for that but better late than never! I am not a cry baby anymore. 

With time and many situations that we have to deal with we also learn to be adaptable in our life which is a vicious cycle.This was the year when I took a change in my career, I also realized that my passion is to drive my creative forces.I have found myself more inspiring than before and I am happy and optimistic.

2013 has become the year where I have finally decided to dump all my old baggage.  2014 indeed has made me reborn and has given a true sense of direction, a goal and a clear objective to where I want to be, whom I want to be with, what I should be taking, what I should be giving back to my loved ones and society, this is just the beginning and I am going to write my own destiny.

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