Saturday, 24 August 2013

South Asia's Shame : RAPE

When I was a kid for me “Rape” was something bad that a villain would do to a “heroine” in a typical Bollywood drama. I knew that it was bad and in one occasion when I had asked my mother, she simply said “it is a bad bad thing”. It was only when I was in grade 7; I was told by one of my favourite teacher in the school that Rape is basically a forceful sexual assault and can happen to anyone. Back then source of information were very limited and internet access was rare too. It was more difficult to understand these kinds of subjects which nobody was comfortable talking about. We have come a long way but still our society seems to be threat to our kids and women. This is my introspection and the way I have seen and experienced recent uprising against "Rape"

In recent times, the term “RAPE” is widely been discussed at many forums and many outrage have taken place with some horrific cases been reported but sadly nothing seems to move and to add fuel to the fire with recent gang rape in India’s maximum city, it has become a furore.

Rape is not confined to any country, nation or geography. Delhi is unsafe or Mumbai is safe these are nothing but just a myth of ignorance, problem is deep within our mindset and values which has been a part of our social establishment for many years. Sex is a topic that we do not talk about. When a kid desires to know about “Where did I come from” or “How did I come”, towards puberty when questions arise with regards to sexual urge, attraction, excitement, masturbation and many such things our society opts not to talk about it. The ignorance of keeping it a restricted topic leads to many acts that take place in various situations where kids get sexually abused by their relatives or even strangers which never gets reported and is never spoken; it remains within the person as a trauma for rest of her/his life.
Kids do not realize how they are getting assaulted. Penetration is one of way to abuse but what about forcible act of rubbing or touching and many of our kids are victimized on these grounds? These issues are never reported and spoken just because parents have made it sound it is a forbidden word or topic to talk about and hence children do not come out to report it. Children’s are our future; do we educate them in a right manner?  Keeping our ignorance and denial aside about “nothing will happen to my child” and until this is fixed our society will never be safe for our children’s.

Now we come to the hot topic about our government, laws and institution. One thing for sure is, entire sub continent functions in a very “Chalte hai” attitude. Rape is just seen as a forbidden crime. 95% such cases do not get reported due to social stature or fear of getting bullied from the force that are politically and financially sound. There have been hundreds of cases which were highlighted by the media, enough were reported yet, many convicts bailed through. Shame!

Today Law itself has become a privileged service, people are scared of approaching to police and reporting because after its reported victim and the family gets emotionally raped, then why to even report and invite a situation, this is where a million dollar question lands? And unfortunately our judiciary takes ages to go through a case and provide justice to humanity and by the time a verdict is taken the damage is unimaginable.

As I write I don’t know, where should the correction start from? , I doubt if this will ever be corrected. Problem starts from home, family, relatives, society, law, government and the entire establishment and we have no idea where this problem will end. It has eaten us up so badly that we are swallowed inside a dirty nasty stomach. 

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